Secret Obsession.
 There a tiny part of my heart, that wants to make this space like what fashion bloggers do. But i know, it'll nvr happen. I don't have the time to go there. Anywhere nearer.

I just came back from Indonesia to attend Yeanne's wedding. And we spent 6 days touring. It was an insane amount of fun. Everyday was jam-pack.

Now i'm back to work. 


Common Projects


H by Hudson

I think common projects get one vote from me. Grenson is nice too... Gosh.

The most overrated dress of the season.
I have never in my life, have I seen one particular style from a designer grace like 6 covers already. And I'm so proud to be working under this designer!!!!!!


First seen on W

Second : British Vogue

Third : British Elle

Fourth : Australia Elle

Fifth : Australian Vogue

And lastly, Singapore Elle :

And you know what pisses me off? The last two covers. The turnlock belts are being shot UPSIDE DOWN!!!! Its like omg! It's ur September issue, and u made such a mistake!!! For Aussie Vogue, I understand they may not want to show the branding(which explained for the cropped below). But for Singapore, no excuse! Its right smack in the centre!!!

U can tell the diff right? With the shape and obviously the branding on the top. Nevertheless, it's the IT dress this season... Buy it!!!

 For the past month, I have been struggling whether to stay within the company or move on to another company. I agree it was really my own fault for making myself getting caught between situations.

Briefly, Chanel called me and arranged an interview, so I went. Made it through the 2nd interview. The waiting time was hideous, Chanel will be having their soft opening in MBS, the managers were all busy. I guess the temptation just faded away. Yes, money was the lure and everyone's here for a living. But things are going to change in Chanel and I'm really not convinced that it will be any much better than here in Miu Miu. If to others, 200-300 bucks of differences in salary meant a 'difference' , to me self-development would cost more than that. Of course, the company did not promise anything, I remain hopeful.

I think I ought to have faith and trust with my own company in order to progress. Yes, things should have be written in black & white. But I think its probably the thought of having to start all over again in a another place suck. In Chanel, I started as a 'nobody'. In Miu Miu, my presence was appreciated. I'm ambitious. If there's a possibility of climbing higher, I would want it to happen fast. Well, at least the high turnover rate turns out useful to me.

Bottom line is. Nothing has been promised nor confirmed. But if everyone has been persuading me to stay, there ought to be a reason. It's just 3 - 6 months to let things happen. Afterall, if nothing materialize, I can always leave the company.

'Although every man believes that his decisions and resolutions involve the most multifarious factors, in reality they are mere oscillation between flight and longing.'
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Shop somemore....

If only I could get all of them....

Happy birthday

Hm. This year has been great for me so far. Ups and downs. I realized how much I've grown as a person. Still, I always feel being alone is sometimes the best option for me.

I turn 22 today. Crucial moments have to be made by the next half 2011.

Happy birthday to myself :)

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Move on..
 Should I move on from here? I really really dunno the answer. It's a half half answer.

I'll see where it leads me to...

In the Spotlight

Ever wonder how it feels standing in front of photographers who were frantically shooting u? The feeling of being in the spotlight makes people feel good. It's as if you've done sometime right. In this case, worn something right. I told myself, it doesn't matter if people are scanning u in a good/bad way. You couldn't care less, unless you read minds.

Be confident. Wear that outfit you love and stand up proud. No one would scrutinize a confident person. 
This is fashion. Fashion doesn't just make wearable clothes. You get commercial pieces in the store. But on the runway, it's all glam up. And that's what people see in the first place.

I could only hope that the current generations would dress like the people in Paris/Japan/Hong Kong. I would want to live in HK if there's a choice. Paris if i'm richer.

Since joining the fashion industry, I don't count myself as 'a level higher than anyone', I learn to appreciate the value that comes from a piece of article. And therefore, understand the money that I'm willing to fork out to enjoy the exclusiveness, uniqueness and of course the price since not everyone will run to get it.
But will I continue to stay in the retail sector? Hmm, months ago, I asked myself that question. Yes.
And now, I'm uncertain. I don't know if I'm found the right path but merchandising in fashion seems appealing for me. Yes, I know retail is already the right direction I'm going. But I didn't want to stay at the front line forever.
If I want to go to the backend, I can only start from merchandising assistant, which I believe may not even pay well. But still, it's an office job, which means I could go study.

I may stick around for awhile to see how it goes. Although, the answer to me seems pretty obvious now... Give me another 6 months.

 Going for reservist. Cya

I'll be back on Sat

Sneaker Freaker
Damn, I'm such a sucker for shoes.

Sneakers, desert boots, boat shoes, oxfords. As long as it's nice.

I just got these pair from Shofolk. When it first launched in Oki-ni, I'm in love with it. Luckily, during the sale, my size was available. It was the last pair for my size! Holy cow. Must buy! 40% discount.

Now, I gotta stop buying navy shoes. Remember these?

I'm in a desperate need of checkered blazer, double breasted especially. a narrow brown belt. My shopping list in HK just got bigger. HAHA. Ok stop! 3 more weeks to HK.........

Anyway, Oki-Ni rocks. 


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